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2 Weeks In


I know I havne’t checked-in for a while, but it’s just too much to blog every day. I’m a full-time working woman, and blogging is tough when you have other priorities. I wanted to tell you that my Ketogenic Journey has been going great! My fiancee and I are both doing it together, and we’ve been very successful.

I am satiated through most of the day, and I really don’t struggle with the feelings of deprivation, which can be very common with restricted diets. I feel good, balanced, my blood pressure has been in better shape, my energy levels have been better, I’m less puffy overall, and I just feel good.

I have some highlights that I wanted to share:


My Highlights

Mood: Higher-energy; excited

Hunger: Fuller for longer periods of time

Energy: More than usual

Sleepiness: Good solid sleep; no sleepiness

Reproductive Health: Normal; in good condition

Skin: Perfectly clear

Skin Hydration: Feels good! Hands aren’t anywhere near as dry as the used to be

Inflammation: Reduced

Hirsuitism: Normal

Weight: -7.1lbs

Waist Size: -0.5inches

Hip/Booty Size: -1inch

Arm Size: no change

Thigh Size: no change

All Lab Values: Normal

I’m seeing some results with my trimness! I’m very excited, and overall, I just feel really good. I don’t have an intentional day in which I plan on stopping until I feel it’s right.

Thanks for reading!

Please comment! I’d love some (positive) comments along the way, or even questions, or words of wisdom while I travel down this road! 

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