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Day 4 – easier!


OK! Day 1 is complete of my ketogenic journey! Today, was easier than the last 2 days! I still had lower energy, but my feet and hand inflammation has markedly improved. I recognized it when I put on my shoes this morning, and they weren’t tight. Very exciting!

I did have some tummy distress today, but aside from that, today went well 🙂

What I ate


Coffee with MCT oil & my coconut milk and almond flour porridge:

  • Almond Flour
  • Coconut Milk
  • Coconut Sugar

Net Carbohyrate Content = 8g


Burger w/jalepenos that had:

  • Ground beef
  • Bacon
  • 4 jalepenos
  • Tomatoes

Net Carbohydrate Content = 4g


Spicy Chicken & Asparagus that had:

  • Chicken wings
  • My dairy-free ranch dressing recipe
  • Celery

Net Carbohydrate Content = 8g


  • Cucumber & Smoked Salmon

Net Carbohydrate Content = 5g

My Highlights

Total Net Carbohydrate Content for All Meals = 25g

Mood: Good and steady

Hunger: Fuller for longer periods of time

Energy: Normal

Sleepiness: Normal

Reproductive Health: Normal

Skin: clear

Skin Hydration: Better hydration, and hands not as dry

Inflammation: Reduced inflammation in my hands

Hirsuitism: Normal

Weight: -1.0lb

Waist Size: no change

Hip/Booty Size: no change

Arm Size: no change

Thigh Size: no change

All Lab Values: Normal

I had quite a fatty day, which felt good I have to admit, but I will report how I feel tomorrow about the choices I made today! I’ve still continued to avoid dairy, which has been a challenge, but I’ve been successful.

OK! Day 4, DONE! Thanks for reading!

Please comment! I’d love some (positive) comments along the way, or even questions, or words of wisdom while I travel down this road! 

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