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Tropical Vacay Smoothie

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Do you want a tropical vacation but can’t seem to escape the office, or even have enough monies or time to go? Indulge in this beauty, and in your mind, it’ll take you there. Tropical Vacay Servings: 2 Time: Preparation: 5 minutes Ingredients: 1/2 cup of pineapple 1 kiwi fruit 1/2 of a frozen medium-sized…

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2 Weeks In

WEEK 2 I know I havne’t checked-in for a while, but it’s just too much to blog every day. I’m a full-time working woman, and blogging is tough when you have other priorities. I wanted to tell you that my Ketogenic Journey has been going great! My fiancee and I are both doing it together,…

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Day 4 – easier!

DAY 4 OK! Day 1 is complete of my ketogenic journey! Today, was easier than the last 2 days! I still had lower energy, but my feet and hand inflammation has markedly improved. I recognized it when I put on my shoes this morning, and they weren’t tight. Very exciting! I did have some tummy…

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Day 3 – Cranky and hungry

DAY 3 OK! Day 3 is complete of my ketogenic journey! Today, I was quite cranky lol although I didn’t have a cloud of “down-ness”, but I was irritable FOR SURE. Also, while eating lunch, I wasn’t that hungry, but then within a few hours, I was super hungry until I ate dinner. My breath…

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Day 2 – A little moodier than yesterday

DAY 2 OK! Day 2 is complete of my ketogenic journey! Today, I was quite tired, and I had a difficult time accessing and processing information in my brain, such as information that I knew very well at work, took me a little longer to remember today. I was also told a few jokes today,…

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Day 1 – Not as tough as I expected


DAY 1 OK! Day 1 is complete of my ketogenic journey! I have to say, it was not as challenging as I thought it was going to be. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was going to be. I know I literally just completed 1 day on the ketogenic diet, but…

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The Start of My Ketogenic Journey

  Within the PCOS Community, for a few years, I’ve seen the words “Keto”, “Ketogenic Diet”, “Low Carb Diet”, “No Carb Diet”, and phrases as such being thrown around. After years of being within the nutrition field, and educating people on healthy nutrition, I was very afraid of the ketogenic diet. Even when women with…

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Stuffed Porto Bake

PCOS Recipe

There is something about mushrooms in the oven that make mushrooms even more delicious. Enjoy a slightly-Italian inspired dish bright and early! Servings: 4 Serve with sliced oranges! Time: Preparation: 10 minutes, Baking: 20-25 minutes Ingredients: 4 large Portobello mushrooms caps. Remove the stems, and rinse the mushroom caps very well 1 lb of sausage…

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Higher Chance of PCOS being Native American?

Native American and PCOS, Native American

Growing up with a father that is a mix of Cherokee Indian and Canadian Indian (unknown tribe), I couldn’t help but notice, as I aged, that a major symptom of expression of PCOS, I also saw in him. I know he’s a male, but he has always mentioned throughout the years how he didn’t process…

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